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► 24/7 Service

Provides Safety and Security For:

• Anyone who lives alone or is alone at times.

• People that have been recently discharged from the hospital.

• Anyone at risk of falls or difficulty walking.

• Mobility Issues.

• People with Medical Conditions Such As:

• Arthritis • Dementia • Cancer • MS

• Stroke • Parkinson’s • Epilepsy • Heart

• Disease • Vertigo • COPD

Connect Care allows individuals to remain living safely and independently in their own home.

A simple press of the waterproof button or if you have automatic detection, connects you with a live operator and gets you the help you need fast.  


► Choose The Button That's Right For You

Standard Button:

Worn on the neck or around the wrist.

Press the button at any time when help is needed. The water proof pendant should be worn in the bath or shower.

Auto Fall Detector:

Automatically detects a fall and contacts our monitoring centre.

Worn on the neck as a pendant.

The Auto Fall Detector gives you the additional option to press the button if help is needed.

► Testimonials

The Connect Care Medical Alert System has worked perfectly on the two occasions when my mother fell, unnoticed, and was unable to get up.

Nancy B

I have recently become a client of the Connect Care Medical Alert Service. I was very impressed with your professional staff. They were very efficient and thorough in explaining all the details to me. Connect Care was recommended to me by a friend who has been using the service for several years, and I am so happy she did.

Michael O