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Client Testimonials 

We are very proud of what our clients are saying about us!

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We needed a Medical Alert system in our home to provide safety and security for my aging parents. After researching available services, we found Connect Care in our own community and learned their business supports local hospital programs! 

We contacted Connect Care and the customer care specialist was excellent in every respect. No high pressure sales pitches, or other nonsense! Just very helpful from answering all our questions - to figuring out the right equipment for our need, to following through on installation. 

The equipment is state of the art, easy to set up and operate and so competitively priced, or better. We were able to set up and test it ourselves in about 15 minutes. Test calls to the response centre were answered quickly, professionally, and in a friendly and caring tone.

We highly recommend Connect Care!

Samantha T 

As soon as I made my first call, I was instantly met with friendly informative and very thorough information! Every detail covered. Next when I called to order, everything was so clear and easy. Friendly, personal and promot! Thank you

Norm P 

I received excellent service. This was much appreciated as I am unsteady on my feet and limit the number of times I use the stairs. This service was over and above. Your Connect Care staff are really helpful. I won't hesitate to recommend the system to my friends.

Lidia S

Your staff has been amazingly helpful with the testing and installation of my Connect Care Button. Thank you for all your help.

Elizabeth M 

I recently moved from Pennsylvania and wanted an alert button in case of an intrusion. I was very satisfied with your service and your installer, who took ample time to explain the Connect Care Medical Alert Button. He was very polite and informative. I feel much better having this protection. 

Carole K 

A few days after my mother joined Connect Care she entered the hospital. The staff from Connect Care followed up with me (the daughter) to see if all was well regarding my mother. The gratitude I felt knowing we had chosen the right system for my mom was overwhelming.

Gloria D

The Connect Care system has been excellent. It has given my mother a strong sense of security while rehabilitating at the Kensington. We are happy she has 24 hour access to an immediate response."

Mathew J me the freedom to stay in my home alone during my recovery period. Thanks to your service I have my independence back.

James M

We are very happy with the equipment and professional service we received. We appreciate the staff’s warm and supportive help with regards to any changes or updates to my mother’s health and for helping her stay safe.

Lisa P

On September 25th, at about 2:15 am, I decided that I would have a glass of milk because I was having trouble sleeping. I walked through the living room and as I came to the kitchen doorway, I suddenly realized that I was going to fall. I immediately pushed the button on my Connect Care Medical Alert Bracelet and do not recall what happened after that but I found myself on the floor unable to move. I heard a voice asking if I was ok and calling my name.  I was advised that they were going to call for help. As it turned out I had dislocated my shoulder, had a large bump on my forehead, a large cut inside my mouth, a black eye, cuts on my face and knees. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. 

I am extremely grateful for Connect Care and thankful for all the persons involved who make this service possible".

Kathleen B

My Connect Care unit was installed last week. The volunteer was very thorough, patient and answered my questions above and beyond my expectations. Initially, I chose to wear a pendant but later switched to a bracelet and am very comfortable wearing it. It's so light that I don't even know I have it on. 

Whenever I pass my Connect Care unit in my kitchen and observe the bright red light, I am left with a sense of comfort, knowing that assistance is just a button away. My own personal opinion is that a person should not ever ignore problems of fainting, falls, illness) and put themselves in harms way. After all, help is just a button away.

Wyn D

Great customer service, very knowledgeable staff, and quick response. Enjoyed the set up. Affordable payment plan. Super happy with the unit. Glad to be using a Canadian Company. Thanks so much for the peace of mind!

Jason T

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